Welcome to the Salem Fire Department's website. We are proud to serve the residents of Salem and those that visit our community. Today's fire service is much more than just a "fire department" and in 2018 we re-examined our mission statement of what it is we do for the community, and the members came back with a most resounding, accurate answer "We are here to help."

Our motto has always been and will continue to be, "if you call us with a problem, we will do everything we can to help you." We hope you enjoy browsing our site and learning more about Salem Fire.


Today, the Salem Fire Department employs 83 men and women who are dedicated to protecting and serving the town and its visitors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Salem Fire Department serves multiple roles in the community; providing Fire Suppression, Emergency Ambulance Transport, Fire Prevention, Inspectional Services and Education, Fire Alarm and Communications, as well as Disaster Control Services. Salem Firefighters also are trained in a number of specialized services including; serving on regional teams including hazardous material, specialized technical rescue situations, and Emergency Medical Services for the regional SOU team.

Shift Personnel

Salem Fire Department provides 18 personnel on duty 24 hours a day to respond to any request for help. These members are assigned to one of 3 fire stations and operate the apparatus designated at that station. Station 1 operates with 9 personnel, Station 2 with 3 personnel, and Station 3 with 5 personnel. Station 2 personnel operate the designated apparatus by "cross-staffing" their assigned units. What this means is that in Station 2, if the request for help is a medical aid - the 3 personnel take the Rescue. If the request for help is a fire call - the 3 personnel take the Engine. Station 3 personnel staff the Tower Ladder and Rescue, there is also a reserve Engine in quarters. We also have a minimum of 1 Fire Alarm Operator on duty 24/7.

Fire Response

In 2022 Salem Fire responded to 5,902 requests for help. This was 330 incident calls more than 2021. 2018 was our busiest incident call record with 5,605 responses.  However, in 2018 we experienced two significant winter storms which accounted for nearly 230 emergency responses.  

What does the future look like....there is some uncertainty as we continue to respond to the ever-continuing growth of the Community, but it is safe to say that our mission of "we're here to help" will continue regardless of any situation. 

Awarded Funding

In 2017 the Salem Fire Department was awarded a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) for $1.5 million dollars to hire an additional 8 firefighters. With this award, the Chief of Department has begun to put in place the staffing it will take to ensure that our fire department provides the best services possible now, and in the future of our Town.

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