Recreation Division

Where Everyone Belongs

The Recreation Division is responsible for Youth and Adult Recreation Programming, Hedgehog Park Summer Operations, Palmer Pre-School and Department Special Events. Additional responsibilities include providing staff support for the Recreation Advisory Committee, Field of Dreams, and the Special Olympics organizations. The Recreation Division is also responsible for coordinating parks facility usage, assisting youth leagues and management of the Park System Capital Improvement Plan.

Recreation Division Mission

We are responsible for planning, scheduling, and implementing a variety of youth and adult programs. We are here to provide efficient and equitable use of programs and facilities to create a sense of belonging and enjoyment for all who make up our diverse community.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made by email to the Community Services Coordinator. A refund will be issued if a participant's spot in a sport/program can be filled. A conflict with another sport/program does not trigger a refund. A full refund, including any late fees, will be issued to players/participants not placed due to space limitations. Players/participants sustaining a program ending injury before the half way point in the program may be issued a 50% refund.

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