Friends of Salem, NH Recreation, Inc.

Friends of Salem, NH Recreation, Inc.The embedded "Friends of Salem New Hampshire Recreation", Inc. 501c (3) non-profit business group is tasked to provide project planning and recreation support assistance, while identifying resources and funding sources available.

2021 Goals & Objectives

  • The Community Services and Recreation Department Director has requested that the "Friends", with Jim Koczat as Team Director, provide for Recreation Department support, project priorities, funding sources through grants/proposals and partnerships, a business plan/process, and a general strategic approach for 2021 recreation project planning.
  • The "Friends" will provide for a recreation facilities infrastructure plan and required proposals to baseline our parks and fields with required fixes and upgrades to ensure they are fully operational.
  • The "Friends" will build on this approach to plan future additional recreation/parks improvements and new parks/facilities.
  • The "Friends" will provide for the use of PowerPoint, a Grant-Watch tool, and LinkedIn for best practices business communications.

Members of "Friends" Non-Profit Business Team

  • James Koczat, Director
  • Patricia Good, Treasurer
  • Thomas Woelfel, Chair - Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Kelly Moss
  • Rachel Hill
  • Richard Murray
  • Kevin Richard
  • Glen R. Yergeau
  • Bob Koczat