The Operations Division oversees the actual responses to emergency services provided by the Salem Fire Department. These include fire suppression, rescue services, emergency medical responses, and any other disaster responses.


The Salem Fire Department is a career department operating 17 lines (firefighters) members a shift, 24 hours a day. We operate out of 3 stations with the following staffing:

  • Central Fire Headquarters- Salem Fire operates a Heavy Rescue (Squad 1) but it is cross-staffed by one of the crews from either Rescue 1 or Rescue 4:
    • 1 Battalion Chief
    • 1 Officer and 2 Firefighters on Engine 1
    • 1 Paramedic/Firefighter on Medic 1
    • 2 Firefighters on Rescue 1
    • 2 Firefighters on Rescue 4
  • Station 2 (North)
    • 1 Officer and 2 Firefighters who cross-staff Engine 2, Rescue 2, or Forestry 2
  • Station 3 (South)
    • 1 Officer and 2 Firefighters on Tower Ladder 1
    • 2 Firefighters on Rescue 3

All of Salem Firefighters are trained to a minimum of Firefighter Level II and EMT. In 2016 Salem Fire now requires all new hires to be Advanced EMT by the end of their probationary year.

We also employ 13 Firefighter/Paramedics and the majority of our firefighters are trained to the Firefighter Level III discipline. These qualifications make your Salem firefighters dedicated, exceptionally skilled members who are always at the ready to assist.