North Main Street Water Service Project

North Main Street Water Service Change Over Project

North Main Street Water Service ProjectProject Background

There are two water mains that run down North Main St from Main St to Bluff St. One water main is a 16" ductile iron pipe that was installed in the 1970's. The other water main is a 6" cast iron water main installed in the 1950's. Currently 40 residents get their water from the 6" water main. However, that water main is highly tuberculated which can lead to low water pressures, and dirty water. In order to improve water quality and flow for those 40 residents, their water services will be replaced and connected to the 16" ductile iron water main. After all the services have been changed over, the 6" water main will be decommissioned.

What to Expect During Construction

Phase 1 - Water Service Change Over

This phase of the project will involve changing the water services from the 6" water main to the 16" water main. While this is occurring, residents can expect minor traffic delays. Residents living on North Main Street should expect to have water except for a very brief period when their existing water service is disconnected and then reconnected to the new service. The limits of the work for each service will be from the 16" water main to the curb stop (water shut off) commonly located at the edge of the Town Right-of-Way. The service will not be replaced all the way to the building. Any disturbance to private property will be restored to match existing conditions.

Phase 2 - Decommissioning the 6 inches Water Main

This phase of the project involves night work at the intersection of North Main and Bluff St, as well as some additional day work on North Main St. In short, the night work involves disconnecting the 6" water main from the 16 inches water main, and connecting what remains with new pipe, valves, and fittings.

During the night work, water will need to be shut down two nights. Residents on North Main St from just south of Lemay Road all the way to the Town of Hampstead will be out of water. Residents on Townsend Avenue and Bluff St will still have water during the shutdowns. All residents affected will receive a letter notifying them of the shut down several days in advance.

There should be no major traffic impacts as this work will largely be completed at night during off-peak traffic hours.

Project Schedule as of May 3, 2023

The project has been advertised for bid. Once the project starts it should be substantially completed within two months. Final trench patching will occur in the spring of 2024.

Please contact Todd Welch, Project Engineer at 603-890-2030 with any questions