Knox Box Program

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The Knox Box system is a commercial box (safe) that is installed on the exterior of an occupancy (both residential and commercial) for the fire department to gain access to that building when there is no one available to allow them to enter.  Inside the Knox Box are the keys needed to enter the occupancy. Only an electronically controlled and recorded signal allows the firefighters to gain access to the key to open the Knox Box. 

This prevents the fire department from having to damage a building while trying to gain access to it in a non-life threatening emergency.  


Under the Town of Salem Municipal Code Chapter 187 - Fire Prevention Section 187-12 Key Vault requires that any building that has a sprinkler system, fire alarm system, or firefighter elevator recall shall be required to have a Knox Box system in place. 

Residential Knox Boxes

Residential Knox Box units can be purchased for residential use as well. 

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For further questions about the Knox Box program, see the official Knox Box website or contact the Fire Prevention Office at 603-890-2209.