Skate Park Update

Posted on: July 23, 2021 at 3:53 pm.

We are encouraged with the participation associated with the redevelopment of the skatepark. The skatepark was closed until such time as repairs and other safety measures are implemented. The existing aging donated equipment and materials is not the best approach to a modern facility. Since the skatepark's original construction over a decade ago the industry has created better, safer, more interesting, and longer lasting products. The Town looks forward to issuing the facility into a new era with these improved approaches.

The community has clearly stepped up and is looking forward to a skatepark which has greater facilities, longevity, and safety. The Town has helped facilitate these efforts by coordinating the volunteers with the Friends of Salem Recreation, a non-profit organization that will provide the venue for fundraising. We will continue these efforts by aiding in the selection of a contractor and assisting in the reconstruction project management.

Many recreational programs and facilities in the community are fortunate to have volunteers and strong organizations that facilitate the provision of recreational services. The volunteers that are part of the skatepark team efforts are another example of that Salem grassroots tradition. With skateboarding as an Olympic sport, the milestone to move the facility into the future cannot be more timely.

Please look to this space in the near future for links to applicable community groups who are working with the Town to move forward with this important project.

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