Kelley Library Trustees


The Kelley Library is overseen by a three-member board of trustees in coordination with the Library Director. Members are elected annually in March for 3-year terms. Please visit the Kelley Library Website for more information.


  • WHEN? Meetings are conducted as needed and a meeting schedule is developed at the end of each year.
    To keep up to date, please visit the Kelley Library Trustees meeting calendar or visit the Kelley Library website linked below:
  • WHERE? Kelley Library, 234 Main Street, Salem, NH 03079

The public is welcome to attend meetings!


Term Expires
Kathleen Norton
ChairMarch 2026
David HickernellTrustee MemberMarch 2025
Christopher GeorgeTrustee Member
March 2024
Natalie DucharmeLibrary Director (Appointed by Trustees)

Contact Us

Natalie Ducharme
Library Director

Email Natalie Ducharme
Phone: 603-898-7064

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