Design and Construction Process


The design and construction of a public facility requires extensive planning and collaboration by staff, elected officials, and professional services. The process begins with an Advisory Committee which is tasked with developing recommendations for consideration by the Town Council. The Municipal Buildings Advisory Committee was charged with creating a plan and/or strategy for the coordination of specific investments for capital improvements and general maintenance of key Town Buildings and properties that support public services to the residents and visitors of Salem. 

While MBAC has examined all of the buildings under its purview, the Police Station was identified as the top priority per the Town Council. Planning funds were committed by the Board of Selectmen at their April 10, 2023, meeting, in which they also establishing the existing parcel at 9 Veterans Memorial Parkway as the best site for the new station. TGAS has since completed the space programming and finalized the concept for a new station.

The Budget for the new station has been vetted by TGAS, Trident, and Harvey Construction, and set at $38.6 million dollars. Final design will be completed if the project is approved at Town Vote this coming March 12, 2024, with construction expected to begin in early 2025.

The Project Team:

Police Department
Trident - Owners Project Manager
TGAS - Architect and Designer
Harvey Construction - Construction Manager

The department’s planning process followed recommendations outlined in the Police Facilities Planning Guidelines document published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  The document provides directions and considerations for each process step, from building support to pre-planning, design, construction and finally to occupancy.  This document and the prescribed steps are essential for completing a project with a useful life of 20 to 50 years that most Police and finance officials will complete only once in their careers.

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