What is a betterment fee?

Betterment fees are an annual charge to help cover the cost of putting a water or sewer line in your neighborhood. Under our current policy, betterment fees are based on half of the total project cost divided by the total number of hookups connected to your particular line. This cost is divided over the number of years of the bond payment to pay off the construction costs. The other half is calculated in the water or sewer rates and charged accordingly to all water and/or sewer users in town. The bills are issued annually in April and are due in May. They cover the time period from April 1st of the year they are issued until March 31st of the following year.

Since these are bond payments we are collecting, we cannot collect them in advance if you were to move. The betterment payments are attached to the house and are billable to whoever is the owner of record as of April 1st of each year. If you are selling your house, your attorney may prorate the amount over the year. You must speak to them about making arrangements for that.

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