How do I register to vote?

Salem's Supervisors of the Checklist ("Supervisors") administer voter registration.

Registration may be completed at the Town Clerk's Office during regular business hours, during any scheduled supervisor session, and on election day at your polling location. Please note, the only time you are unable to complete a voter registration form is in the 10 days immediately preceding any election.

You are required to provide proof of age, residency and citizenship. Acceptable documents to verify age include: driver's license, passport or birth certificate. A driver's license can also be used to verify residency if it has your current Salem address. Otherwise, acceptable documents to verify residency include: utility bill, mortgage statement, credit card statement, bank statement or other similar document which shows your name and your current Salem address. If you were born outside of the United States, you will be asked to provide a passport or naturalization papers. Citizenship and residency affidavits are available if you cannot provide necessary documentation.

Once registered to vote, you can participate in all elections held in Salem as well as the Town and School Deliberative Sessions, generally held in early February prior to the March Town Election.

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