Why do we need a new police station?

The existing facility exhibits a range of deficiencies that impede its functionality and safety. Notably, it fails to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, lacks a sprinkler system, and cannot simultaneously accommodate interviews with multiple victims or suspects. The absence of proper segregation between criminal and non-criminal spaces, insufficient sight and sound separation for different detainee groups, and the lack of accessible restrooms pose serious limitations.

Moreover, the infrastructure is inadequate, outdated, and faulty. The building's design does not align with modern technological needs, and there are concerns related to electrical overloads and inadequate temperature control for IT equipment. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system's inefficiency leads to temperature imbalances across the facility. Numerous deficiencies are noted in the fire alarm system, and some operational aspects, like detainee transportation and plumbing, present ongoing challenges.

Severe overcrowding compounds these issues. Essential units, such as the Investigations Unit, operate from an outdated trailer, leading to storage challenges and the repurposing of detainee cells for record storage. Evidence storage inadequacies, constrained locker space, and the lack of proper office arrangements further hinder efficient operations. Additionally, efforts to secure federal grant funding for agency improvement are hampered by the building's limitations, impeding workspace and storage solutions required for new personnel, equipment, and documentation.

Specialty units’ resort to sheds for equipment storage, while multi-functional rooms, like the roll call/briefing space, struggle to accommodate the needs of a growing employee count. Dispatch capabilities fall short, with an insufficient setup for potential simultaneous dispatchers. The facility's shortcomings extend to areas such as School Resource Officer workspaces, on-site Animal Control Services, and personnel record storage. In sum, these deficiencies collectively hinder the agency's operational effectiveness, safety, and potential for community service enhancement.

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1. Why do we need a new police station?
2. Where will it be built?
3. Is the existing site the best location for a new Station?
4. What will happen to the existing station is a new one is built?
5. How would the Town pay for the facility?
6. Is grant money available?
7. The proposed facility includes a Firing Range for the Police Department. Why doesn’t the Police Department continue to use other training facilities in the state?
8. Can I see the existing conditions for myself?