How would the Town pay for the facility?

The Town would need to finance the majority of the cost of the facility through bonds paid through taxes. Additionally, Public Safety Impact Fees will be allocated toward the bond principal.

Bonds may be issued in phases. Savings in construction costs or contributions from grants or donors would be used to reduce the amount the Town had to bond or repay the bonds early.

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1. Why do we need a new police station?
2. Where will it be built?
3. Is the existing site the best location for a new Station?
4. What will happen to the existing station is a new one is built?
5. How would the Town pay for the facility?
6. Is grant money available?
7. The proposed facility includes a Firing Range for the Police Department. Why doesn’t the Police Department continue to use other training facilities in the state?
8. Can I see the existing conditions for myself?