How do I consolidate multiple lots?

To consolidate lots you may own there are a few requirements:

  1. The lots to be consolidated need to be abutting each other.
  2. The ownership for the parcels must be in the exact same name. For example, you cannot consolidate a parcel that is owned by a trust and one that is in your personal name.

If you have met these two requirements, you can print out the lot consolidation form found under the forms tab. The form needs to have the applicant's signature(s) notarized and both the Planning Director and Chief Assessor will also need to sign the document before it can be sent to the Registry. Also, a check will need to be provided at the time of submission for the recording fee. The check should be made out to Rockingham County Registry of Deeds for $20.66 please add $4 for any additional pages needed.

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1. How do I consolidate multiple lots?
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