Can I burn brush in Salem?


Burning brush in Salem is allowed following strict rules. A permit is required per NH RSA 227-L:7, and must be obtained at any one of our three fire stations or online through the New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands website, prior to any open burning.

General Outside Burning Rules

Once you have obtained your permit you must follow the Salem General Outside Burning Rules

  1. The permittee must be at least 18 years old and the legal landowner or have the landowner's written permission to obtain a permit
  2. Each time you wish to burn you must call the Salem Fire Burn Permit phone number 603-685-6420 where you will be told if burning is authorized for that specific day - you must call after 4:30 pm
  3. On days that it is actively raining or the ground is covered in snow, you may call the regular business number 603-890-2200 and ask if it is okay to burn, this is decided on a case-by-case basis
  4. Salem allows burning between 5 pm and Midnight
  5. Fires must be at least 50 feet away from all buildings, decks, sheds, etc. (Exception: chiminea-style unit must be at least 25 feet
  6. Only clean wood can be burned - No construction debris, no trash, no leaves, no painted wood, no rubber
  7. Wood should not exceed 5 inches in diameter
  8. Do not use accelerants (gas, oil) to start the fire
  9. You must have some type of extinguishing equipment on hand (hose, extinguisher) to maintain control of the fire
  10. You must completely extinguish the fire by midnight before leaving it

Please understand that if the fire department receives a request to check on a fire (permitted or not) we will always come out. That does not mean that someone with a permit has done anything wrong - but we always err on the side of caution and may stop by.

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