What is Salem's tax rate and ratio?

Tax Rate

The tax rate for 2023 is $16.96 per thousand of your assessment.

The tax rate is set in October by the DRA. Below is a breakdown of what the $16.96 tax rate goes to:

  • State Education: $1.51
  • County: $0.73
  • Local Education: $9.24
  • Municipal: $5.48

Assessment Ratio

The assessment ratio for 2022 is 83.7%. This means we are assessing properties at 83.7% of market value as of April 1, 2022.

Your 2023 actual tax bill may differ from this estimate. Other factors that may impact your actual/final 2023 property tax bill include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Changes in appropriations (the budget) from last year to this year
  • Changes in other revenues received from all sources by the Town between last year and this year (car registrations, building permit fees, license fees, school aid etc.)
  • Changes in the total dollar amount of personal exemptions and tax credits granted between last year and this year
  • Calculation of the actual, final total tax base value reported to the NH Department of Revenue in November

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