Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

The duties of the Animal Control Officer are to enforce town ordinances regulating the ownership of animals and to respond to incidents in which animals are involved. The Animal Control Officer is dedicated to finding homes for lost dogs and cats and also cares for these animals 7 days a week.

If for any reason you need to reach our Animal Control Officer (Bjarna O'Brien), please contact 603-890-2390. This number reaches the Police Department's dispatch center and our Animal Control Officer will be dispatched from there.

Dog Licenses

All dogs 4 months or older must be licensed in New Hampshire. You will need to bring in proof of rabies inoculation and proof of spaying or neutering if the dog is altered. 

All dog licenses expire on April 30th each year. You will need to renew your dog's license annually by this date or penalties and fines will be issued, per State law. There is a one-month grace period before the penalty begins. The penalty is $1 per month beginning in June. There may also be a $25 civil forfeiture fine issued which will be due 15 days after receipt of the fine.

The cost to license a dog is $9 for a male or female, $6.50 for a spayed or neutered dog, and $2 for the first dog belonging to a senior citizen over 65 years of age. If a puppy is too young to be altered the $6.50 fee will apply for the first dog license. Dog licenses are not pro-rated.

Dog license renewal notices will be sent to the address on the license on file. Dogs may be licensed by mail. Please notify the Town Clerk's office if you no longer have your dog or have moved from Salem.

Pet Adoptions

Adoption inquiries are handled through the Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL), located at:
4 Sarl Drive
Salem, NH 03079

Please contact SARL at 603-890-2166 or visit for more information.

New Hampshire Fish & Game

General questions regarding animals can also be found on the New Hampshire Fish and Game website.