Distribution Section


Our Mission is to provide safe, accessible, reliable, and sufficient water supply to our customers as we are the responsible custodians of the distribution system that delivers a potable source for drinking but also ensures ample supply for fire protection purposes.


This section services over 7,700 homes and businesses in Salem per the water distribution systems. Over 2.3 million gallons of drinking water per day on average flow from the water treatment plant and is distributed through the town in its vast network of pipes. The infrastructure must be operative at all times as it serves potable water to a significant portion of the town and provides water for public safety and firefighting. The current infrastructure varies in pipe material and age which can cause unexpected emergency breaks that will need to be fixed throughout its life. Major improvements have been identified through a master plan that improves the network alleviating water age, regulating pressure, and creating redundancy. Staff is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 140 miles of water main including 1,750 valves and 932 fire hydrants and also provide technical review for new developments


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