Full Time Officers


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Babbitt, M. Officer (Evidence/CU)      
Bagley, J. Officer      
Baril, P. Detective (Evidence)      
Benoit, P. Officer (K9 "Dash"/Special Operations Unit/Honor Guard)      
Bistany, A. Officer (Field Training Officer)      
Cabrera, J. Detective      
Campusano, H. Officer (School Resource Officer)      
Carlin, J. Officer (Collision Analysis and Reconstruction/Field Training Officer)      
Conway, M. Officer      
Cummings, M. Officer (Community Problem Oriented Police/Field Training Officer)      
Czarnec, J. Detective (Honor Guard/Special Operations Unit)      
DeFeudis, J. Officer (Special Operations Unit/Motor Unit)      
Demers, N. Officer      
Dempsey, J. Detective (Collision Analysis and Reconstruction)      
Esposito, M. Officer      
Farah, R. Detective      
Fitzgerald, M. Officer      
Geha, H. Detective (Internet Crimes Against Children/Special Operations Unit/Honor Guard)      
Genest, J. Officer (Field Training Officer)      
Gomez, A. Officer (K9 "Lobo"/Honor Guard)      
Greeley, M. Officer (Honor Guard)      
Harvey, A. Officer (Field Training Officer/Honor Guard)      
Hennessy, M. Officer      
Jamer, R. Officer (Honor Guard)      
Jimenez, R. Officer (Community Problem Oriented Police/Motor Unit/Field Training Officer)      
Kisiel, E. Officer      
Lawrence, B. Officer (Motor Unit/Community Affairs)      
Manent, N. Officer (FTO)      
Marcoulier, S. Officer      
Marino, S. Officer (School Resource Officer)      
Markey, C. Officer (Field Training Officer/Honor Guard/Collision Analysis and Reconstruction)      
Mullen, E. Officer      
Naismith, S. Officer (Motor Unit/Collision Analysis and Reconstruction/Elder Affairs)      
Nelson, D. Officer (K9 "Apollo")      
Nicosia, R. Officer      
O'Donnell, J. Detective      
Peters, J. Officer      
Powden, N. Officer      
Sharpe, C. Officer (Motor Unit/Field Training Officer)      
Spencer, S. Officer      
Swanson, K. Officer (Scheduler/Honor Guard)      
Touma, J. Detective (Special Operations Unit)      
White, L. Detective (Drug Recognition Expert)      
Wilson, B. Officer      
Wilson, S. Officer (Field Training Officer/Collision Analysis and Reconstruction)      
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant        
Vacant, Vacant