Disabled Exemption


This exemption is $120,000 deducted from the assessed value of the home.


  • Has lived in New Hampshire for 5 years on or before April 1st
  • Has an income from all sources not exceeding $41,000 if single, or $55,000 if married - money from social security, retirement funds, interest on IRA or CD
  • Total assets not exceeding $140,000 - Assets include proceeds from sale of assets, IRA certificates, CDs, savings and checking accounts, stocks and bonds, jewelry, furniture, automobiles, RVs, other real estate, and life insurance paid on the death of an insured
  • Proof of Social Security benefits
  • The property you are looking to put the exemption on must be the primary residence of the qualifying owner

Notes on the Exemption

  • If a property is owned by a husband and wife, only one exemption is given
  • If a property owner marries at least 5 years prior, they can receive the disabled exemption
  • Property cannot be transferred by a blood relative within 5 years of April 1st of the tax year

Deadline to File

The deadline to file is April 15th.

How to File

To file, please fill out the Disabled Exemption Application (PDF) and a PA-29 (PDF).