Geographic Information System (GIS) / Town Maps


The purpose of Salem's GIS is to provide support and information services to the town departments through maps or cartographic analysis. Nearly every service the Town provides involves a geographic component and can take advantage of the GIS program. Salem residents and staff have learned to expect a robust effort and a cooperative attitude to utilize all available tools to help advance and communicate the Town's needs.

Asset Management Program

GIS Manager John Vogl works closely with the Municipal Services Department to carry out the Asset Management program. This program is intended to inventory, document, prioritize, and plan for maintenance and improvements to the Town's physical infrastructure. The program extends to all assets, including all aspects of the water, sewer, and stormwater systems, plus fleet and parks/properties.

The program maintains accurate mapping of buried and facility infrastructure and assists in departmental record-keeping, including documenting maintenance/repair actions undertaken on these essential assets.


MapGeo for Salem offers public access to GIS layers, including aerial imagery, parcel boundaries, and administrative (zoning/voting districts) and infrastructure mapping. The site offers tools to turn layers on and off to see their spatial context and also provides the ability to access assessing information, including ownership and value details for selected parcels. Please see this MapGeo Help site for more information. Additionally, check out a video detailing MapGeo by GIS Manager John Vogl.

The data presented on MapGeo is actively managed by GIS Manager John Vogl and Chief Assessor Joseph Lessard. The parcel boundary lines shown represent the best available depiction and are updated as new information becomes available. This site should be used for planning purposes only.

Tax Maps

Interactive Map

The map below can be used to access individual Tax Maps.

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  2. John Vogl

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