Infrastructure / Asset Management


Salem's GIS services are used to provide support to the Asset Management program.  This program is intended to provide inventory, documentation, prioritization and planning for the Town's physical infrastructure, including roads, water/sewer lines and facilities, stormwater, fleet and buildings.  With improved information about the location, condition and risk factors of our assets, the goal is to migrate from reactive to proactive management, thereby increasing levels of service and making investments last as long as possible.  The Town has received funding from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to implement this program and has contracted with Hoyle Tanner and Associates (HTA) for technical support.  


Vehicle Condition Index

Salem has implemented an Asset Management program to manage its fleet of 115-plus Public Works vehicles. View a video presentation where Selectmen provides an overview of our program, including condition rating systems.

Asset Management & Financial Planning Grants

Salem has implemented Asset Management in its Utilities Department to manage pump stations and plan for future maintenance activities. View a video presentation that provides an overview of the work done to achieve these goals.


The Town of Salem has embraced the idea and the concepts of turning data into dollars by using its resources and most importantly, its Asset Management Program. In 2020, Salem was the recipient of 2 awards: