Human Services

"The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."- Vince Lombardi

The Town of Salem, NH provides temporary emergency assistance for low income families through a voucher system rendering payment directly to our vendors. No cash benefits are ever given. We receive no Federal or State funding. We are funded by the tax payers of Salem and have Welfare Guidelines to follow which have been approved by the Town Council.

Each applicant must complete an application for assistance and interview in person with the welfare administrator. Welfare applications are on line and can also be obtained in our office at 33 Geremonty Drive. Please call 603-890-2130 to book an appointment or to inquire of various local resources which may assist you.

The Town of Salem, NH does not provide housing but will refer the applicant to housing resources including homeless shelters, housing authorities and local housing providers. Programs for housing and Section 8 rental assistance can be found at New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, New Hampshire Housing website or call 800-640-7239 to apply.

If you are interested in long term assistance such as Medicaid, Food Stamps or cash assistance, please go to  or call 800-852-3345 to complete an application for NH Department of Health and Human Services State benefits.

If Social Security benefits for Retirement, Disability or Medicare are needed, please call 877-669-3131 or go to Social Security website to apply.