Public Works

Mission Statement

The Division of Public Works (DPW) will provide support to the citizens of Salem through the safe operation, proper maintenance, and future development of highways, supporting infrastructure, cemeteries, facilities, recreational parks, utilities and waste services in a manner that is cost conscious without sacrificing quality.


The Public Works Division is located at 21 Cross Street and is divided into four sections Fleet, Parks / Properties, Solid Waste, and Streets. The Divisions primary function is to provide municipal services including but not limited to snow and ice removal, storm water drainage, vehicle fleet maintenance, facility management, improvement and maintenance of roads, sidewalks, and public properties, town parks, and cemeteries.

The Largest responsibility of DPW is to execute the Town's Winter Emergency Operation Plan. Making sure that all roads are clear of snow, ice and debris 24 hours a day to the greatest extent possible to allow for the safe response of emergency agencies to move about the community of Salem during emergencies is our greatest responsibility. Outside the winter season, DPW performs the routine maintenance of the drainage system, roadside mowing, brush clearing, pavement marking, street sweeping, street signs, pothole patching, turf management at all ball fields, parks and town buildings, litter control, traffic light signalization, sidewalk maintenance, gravel road grading, hazardous tree removal and responding to work orders of the general public. DPW also routinely assists the other sections under Municipal Services on other tasks such as: picking up leaves in the fall, burials, minor equipment repairs, water main breaks and assisting with the execution and completion of other large ongoing town infrastructure investments.

Did you know...

  • Salem has 210 miles of road and 35 miles of sidewalks
  • The Town collects on average 7 tons of trash each year from the roadsides! If you see someone litter, report it to the police department. Litter does cost each taxpayer!
  • To report a street light out call Liberty Utilities at 855-349-9455
  • To report after hour Emergencies call the Fire Department at 890-2200
  • To report potholes, catch basin problems, street signs missing, tree or tree limbs down in the road, icy roads, or drainage problems call the main line 890-2150 or submit an electronic request