Winter Emergency Operation Plan

Snow emergencies are managed by the Public Works Division of Municipal Services.

A major function of Public Works responsibilities for its citizens is to provide plowing, treatment, and care for roads in the winter should snowstorms occur. An extensive plan is put together in the town that can adequately and reasonably provide this service in a realistic time frame. The standard is reached based on the components of the plan and the expectation set forth by those involved. During a snow emergency every able-bodied employee from Public Works and Utilities are required to work from the beginning of the storm to the end - until the roads in Salem are safe for travel. No two storms are alike. The time it takes to complete an operation is solely at the will of the weather. During a snow storm it is important that residents understand that main roads are plowed, salted, and sanded first; then the secondary roads, and lastly the cul-de-sacs and back roads.

The following maps identify the town wide assignments.  Reduced, individualized maps are presented to each driver and can be found in the complete Plan.  A description of the goals and objectives of each Plan type is also found in the document.

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