Fleet Maintenance & Scheduling


The scheduling and fleet maintenance officer is responsible for coordinating the scheduling of all officers in all assignments, including outside details. Outside details are when private vendors request to have a uniformed police officer at their place of employment. These requests are typically for traffic control or site security during an event.

Schedule a Detail

If you would like to schedule a police officer to work a private duty/detail assignment, you will need to contact Officer Kevin Swanson, the fleet maintenance/scheduling officer, at 603-890-2382, Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. At all other times, you will need to contact dispatch at 603-893-1911.

Cancel a Detail

If you wish to cancel a detail that is already hired, you must either speak to the Scheduling Officer in person or contact our Dispatch Center. Voicemails and text messages are not valid means of canceling a detail.