Salem Permit Application

The Town of Salem requires that contractors obtain a permit for work done within rights-of-way, whether public or private. The permit must be signed by the contactor performing the work and the Town to be valid. Work shall not start until a permit has been approved.

How to Obtain an Engineering Permit

  1. Review Street Excavation Permit Regulations (PDF).
  2. Complete Engineering Permit Application (PDF) (fillable pdf).
  3. Obtain current Bonds and Insurances (e.g. General Liability and Workers Compensation), per application.
    1. $1,000 Bond for Water Service.
  4. Submit complete Engineering Permit Application, Bonds, and Insurances to Engineering Division.
    1. Applications that do not require a fee, current bonds, or insurances can be Emailed to Jim Brown.
  5. Call the Engineering Division at 603-890-2036 to confirm that all information has been received. If information is received and complete, the Engineering Division will authorize you to schedule your work.
  6. Contact the Engineering Division and/or the Utility Division a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance of starting the work to schedule an inspection. Is it the contractor's responsibility to schedule inspections.

Note: All excavations require that DigSafe be contacted. In the event that DigSafe shuts down its service and/or any utility cannot do its mark-outs, no work will be permitted to proceed.