Depot Intersection Redevelopment Concept Plan

Project Description

The primary goal of the Depot Intersection Redevelopment Concept Plan is to establish a community vision and economic revitalization plan for the Depot Intersection and surrounding area, which provides the framework for coordinated land use changes and traffic improvements. While studies exist and geometric plans have been developed, traffic flow and problems have evolved over the past 12 years since the date of the original plans. Projects such as the redevelopment at Rockingham Park; the development along North Broadway (NH Route 28) north of the Depot Intersection; the planned future work at Exit 2 (Park and Ride and widening of I‐93); and the Salem to Concord Bikeway Plan bring more traffic volume through the Depot Intersection but also provide opportunities for improvements in the area. The Depot Intersection, located in the epicenter of infrastructure improvements and growth potential, is clearly poised for redevelopment. As a result of changes over the past decade, the Town has approached planning and redevelopment in the area beginning with the existing property owners and identification of development pockets framed by new traffic circulation routes that create frontage and appealing redevelopment opportunities. Rather than planning redevelopment from the centerline of existing roadways out to the properties, the Town is planning with property redevelopment and expanded/improved traffic circulation as a central objective.

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