Schedule of Projects

Due to the complexity of work through the Depot Intersection detours and traffic control will be updated according to work zones and subject to change daily.

Water Main Work: (Completed)

Beginning May 4, 2020 DeFelice Corporation began installing new water main along North Broadway (NH Route 28) from Number 20 North Broadway (Londonderry Piano) through the intersection of Willow Street to Number 83 North Broadway (Sal's Commissary). Crews progressed to Main Street beginning the week of May 18, 2020 installing new water main from Number 81 Main Street (The Depot Train Station) through the intersection of Pleasant Street to Number 42 Main Street (Goundrey and Dewhirst Funeral Home). After the main line installation was completed, crews installed individual water service connections to abutting parcels. This water main work replaced century-old water main and completed water system improvements in advance of the Depot Intersection reconstruction project. This has been completed.

Underground Utility Relocation: (Completed)

Beginning June 19, 2020 Mirra Corporation began installing new underground utility duct banks from the Pleasant Street/Main Street intersection through the Main Street/Millville Street intersection and from Number 15 South Broadway (Dunkin Donuts) through the intersection of Willow Street to Number 83 North Broadway (Sal's Commissary). This work removed overhead utility lines and place them underground in advance of the Depot Intersection Reconstruction. This has been completed.

Building Demolition: (Completed)

In July 20, 2020 the Aulson Company, LLC began removal of hazardous materials, asbestos abatement and demolition of seven structures located on the west side of Broadway from Number 1 North Broadway to Number 28 South Broadway. This work was coordinated and sequenced with the Underground Utility Relocation Project. This work accommodates significant widening of Broadway (NH Route 28) as part of the Depot Intersection Reconstruction project and continued through August. This has been completed. 

Intersection Reconstruction (Active Construction)

The Depot Intersection Reconstruction Project is the central project which each prior project made way. The project is also the hub of future projects as the Town contemplates future projects defined in the Ring Roads. Work began early in 2021. The final product boasts significant road widening, full depth roadway reconstruction with thicker pavement section, granite curbing, wider concrete sidewalks and decorative traffic signals with enhanced timing all of of which has all been completed. While the project appears to be a typical intersection project it is far more complex than one might think. At the start of the project the Contractor was tasked with accommodating significant traffic volumes, constant emergency services trips, development environmental planning and action documents, and handling of contaminated soils and groundwater. The project is nearing completion. Finish work including final pavement, asphalt sidewalks and final restoration is scheduled to be completed by the end of Summer 2023. Ongoing

Salem Depot - Ring Roads (Planning)

The next series of projects in Salem Depot will be development of its Ring Roads. These projects will fully incorporate roadway infrastructure improvements envisioned in the Depot Intersection Redevelopment Concept Plan. The Town has engaged engineering services and land survey of the overall area has begun. The first task is to develop an overall base plan of all project sites. Land survey began in May 2023. Major tasks under the ring roads will contemplate the following:

  • Update the Depot Intersection Redevelopment Concept Plan - This planning document was developed in 2011. Since that time land use, traffic loading, economic development of the area has changed. The update will revise the traffic model to include such major impacts as the Tuscan Village. The update will also articulate the intent of visuals provided in the original document as well as better define underground utility requirements.
  • Wilson St / North Broadway Intersection Improvement
  • Main St / Pleasant St Intersection Improvement
  • Millville St / Main St Intersection Improvement
  • Brunello Road intersection Project (active design)
  • Willson St Connector Road - Connection between Wilson St intersection and Pleasant St intersection
  • Church St Connector Road - Connection between Millville intersection and Brunello St intersection
  • Brunnello Road Connector Road - Connection between Central Street and Brunello Intersection (Tuscan Village Project)