Source Water Assessment Summary

DES prepared drinking water source assessment report for all public water systems between 2000 and 2003 in an effort to assess the vulnerability of each of the state's public water supply sources. The assessment looked at the drainage area for the sources and ranked its vulnerability to contamination. Included in the assessment is a list of potential and known contamination sources and a summary of the susceptibility factors. In general, the report presents a positive picture of Salem's various water sources and their conditions. While Salem has done its best to protect our sources and provide a safe and reliable drinking water supply, we understand more than ever that each citizen and business thereof on the watershed continue to help preserve our most precious resources. The results of the assessment prepared on November 1, 2002 are noted below.

First Source - Canobie Lake

EPAID 2051010-001

3 susceptibility factors were rated high, 3 were rated medium, and 7 were rated low

Second Source - Arlington Pond Reservoir

EPAID 2051010-010

2 susceptibility factors were rated high, 6 were rated medium, and 5 were rated low

Third Source - Lake Massabesic

EPAID 1471010-001

4 susceptibility factors were rated high, 4 were rated medium, and 5 were rated low

Note: This information is over 10 years old and includes information that was current at the time the report was completed. Therefore, some of the ratings might be different if updated to reflect current information. At the present time, DES has no plans to update this data.

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