2008 Haverhill Road Bridge

Haverhill Road Bridge Replacement (Bridge Number 097/181)

General Information

Lead department: Engineering Department
Project manager: Robert Puff, Engineering Director
Funding: Tax Rate; State Aid Bridge Funding

Project Details

The Town of Salem completed the reconstruction of Haverhill Road Bridge over Spicket River during the 2008 construction season. Prior to replacement, the existing bridge was on the NH Department of Transportation (NHDOT) "red list". The project consisted of full replacement of the existing structure with a precast concrete arch structure. The project also involved "full box" reconstruction of the adjacent roadway including new pavement, drainage improvements, and guardrail replacement. The project begins at the intersection of North Main Street and extends east on Haverhill Road approximately 150-feet beyond the bridge. The new replacement structure was designed in accordance with NHDOT Municipal Aid Bridge Program requirements and, as such, received 80% reimbursement on eligible project related expenses.